Adelaide Grace

Adelaide slept through the night for two nights in a row. Amazing! I know this won’t last forever, so I wanted to document it, so I can remember details. Last night she ate at 7:45, and was asleep at about 9. She slept all the way until 6:45 am, and she only woke up because I woke her up! 😮

I love this sweet little girl.

She had some hard nights this last week… Even worse than when she was a new, newborn, so these two nights of her sleeping well was much needed.

Thank you baby girl!

This photo is mega edited. It is a combination of probably 4 photos spliced together. I had to hold her her arms together like that and her head, so I was edited out. Pretty cool!

This photo is also edited a ton. There is a vent on the wall in the back of this picture, but she edited it out.

And I’ve been meaning to include some of the newborn pics for a while, so here are some. I will add more when I can! I die looking at these pictures! She is so cute!!!


And so it begins

You know when your house is so messy that you finally just crack and have to clean it RIGHT NOW or you’ll go insane… Yeah? You feel me?

After a week ish of sick kids/husband, dishes, laundry, and life were neglected. SO much laundry. So so so much laundry in hopes to wash all the sickness away. I have hit my laundry quota for the month.

Anyway, yesterday after dinner I needed to have the house clean. I hit my capacity of dealing with the mess. I had been asking the boys to clean their room for the last several hours but they weren’t. It was a Lego explosion in there, so I finally said, “You need to clean up all of your Legos, or I am going to put them in time out.” I thought for sure that would get them to start cleaning. They love their Legos! Having them in time out would be the worst! Or so I thought.

Kenny’s response, “That’s ok, Mom. We need to learn,”


Ha what? First, that totally sounds like a phrase he picked up from Ken. Second, what? Ok with not having Legos? And learn what?

I then upped the ante and said, “that means I will be taking your Lego table too”. (We recently gave the boys a Lego table for their birthdays. They were super excited about it, so I thought that for sure would do that trick.)

Kenny’s response- “that’s okay. We will just use it when we get older.”


Did not go as planned.

6 Weeks

  • She can somewhat control her head now, and the boys are so proud of her. Instead of her head just flopping to one side when I lay her in her bassinet to sleep, so can somewhat lay looking straight up if she wants. Also, she can barely lift her head for tummy time.

Lots of little helpers

I love how determined she looks. Also, this is the highest she has ever lifted her head. Yay, baby girl!

  • She only wakes once at night. Usually somewhere between 2-4 am. She then takes 40-50 minutes to eat and then 30-60 after she finishes to be rocked back to sleep. (She is a stinker when it comes to getting her to go back to sleep at night.)
  • Loves to be held, but likes to be “in the action”. The other day she was fussing, so I picked her up and set her down next to me in the boys’ bedroom. I fully expected to have to pick her back up in a few minutes, but she loved all the noise and commotion the boys we’re making playing Legos.
  • Travels well in the car. Always goes right to sleep.
  • My friend did some newborn pictures of her. We have only gotten a handful back, but here is one of them.

  • Likes to be put in the Moby carrier, but doesn’t like her head trapped in.
  • Currently has a cold (second one in her short life!), and it is so sad and pathetic to see. We are currently going through Ken and Kenny having type A flu, so I will take the cold over the flu.
  • Seems as if her very dark hair is lightening up a bit. Her eyebrows are lighter and her hair (that she still has) isn’t dark, dark, dark anymore. Still brown, though.

Can’t remember life without this sweet one, and wouldn’t have it any other way! She was part of my dream the other day, so that must mean she is really part of our family, right? My subconscious acknowledges her.

Two Weeks

Baby girl is 2 weeks! She is growing well, and is very patient with our crazy family.

One thing to note about our Addie- her umbilical cord stump got stuck on my shirt at one week (scared me to death when i found it. I thought it was a cicada!) and so her belly button area was bleeding a lot. We had to take her in two extra times (so three times total) to have them burn the opening with acid to shut it. It was super sad to see, and I hated it.

On a happier note, we love this cute little munchkin!

1 Month

Addie is one month old!

Things new with her:

  1. She smiled at me for the first time on Christmas. It took a long time to get a second smile out of her, but now she does so regularly.
  2. She sleeps well at night! She usually wakes up just once around 2 am or so.
  3. It is HARD to get her to go back to sleep. Usually I am up with her for two hours in the middle of the night.
  4. She loves to be held, and does not like her swing.
  5. Has never really had a “newborn cry”. When she is upset, she let’s you know. Loudly.
  6. Loves her older brothers. Likes to stare over at the general direction of them when the boys wrestle (which is very frequent).
  7. Isn’t a fan of pacifiers, and will take a bottle with a lot of coaxing.

We love you, Adelaide!

Popcorn on the head. Whoops.

Smiling at daddy for the first time.


So today is Kenny’s Birthday. He is five-years-old today! (?!?!?!?!) While looking for old pics of him, I started reading some old blog posts. I couldn’t believe all of the details I had forgotten! So I am going to try to start blogging again, so I can “journal” our lives better. Plus, now that I have another baby, it is easier to write about her milestones and what not.

So there. I am writing this somewhat useless blog post to hold myself accountable. Be patient with me as I relearn how to use this website.

Our current view outside today. The whole city shut down. Seriously. I don’t know why we pretend every year like snow is such a rare thing where we live. It happens every year. Yes it is the South, but it has snowed every year we have lived here, yet everyone runs around with their heads cut off and buys all the milk, eggs, and bread from grocery stores still.

And our current view here in our house. Birthday boy is sick, and it is heartbreaking. He has been counting down his Birthday for weeks every morning, but this morning he came into my room crying because his stomach hurt so bad. Poor guy.

Kenny Update

I realized that I forgot one of Kenny’s sabotage tactics that happened a couple of weeks ago (Future Kenny: and I wasn’t going to document it for future embarrassing stories, but I just underwent an epic 2 hour battle with you today over sleep. You can thank your 3-year-old self when I tell this at your wedding).

Typically during lunch time, I fix the kids’ food, and then make mine while they’re eating theirs. By the time they finish, I usually have just sat down to eat. So typically they go upstairs to the play room and play. Then they come downstairs, and we do nap time. One day after nap time, we went upstairs and found this-


As you can see, Kenny hit the heat button, so it got up to 98 degrees upstairs. (This was after I changed the “system” back to cool.)

Thankfully, this happened the day in between the appraisal and the inspection and not on the day that either of those happened. Phew.

Again, sure felt like sabotage.