One Year!


One year. One year! Sigh.

  • Pulling himself up and standing by himself


  • stairs! loves climbing stairs and makes it his mission every day to climb them.
  • luckily, he has learned how to climb down the stairs now, too. he would try to go head first down the stairs, but he has finally learned to turn around.
  • is completely weaned and loves his milk from a sippy
  • isn’t very fond of snow.
  • waves goodbye
  • loves to mimic sounds we make. if you call out, “hey jake!”, Reed will make the same pitch and cadence. it’s adorable.
  • he can say mama, dada, tickle, and he has his own word for “bye”.
  • can stand fairly well on his own now. just today he mastered standing while dancing.
  • loves music. instantly calms him down.
  • has started to get a little clingy to me. he has been pitching a fit recently if anyone but me puts him down for bed at night.
  • 20160130_10093420160130_101132

    He loved his cake, but I was surprised he didn’t smash into it more. These pictures are still when he was clean. I should’ve taken pictures of the aftermath, though.

Anyway, we love this sweet, loving, little boy. I can’t imagine life without him. He is so funny and tries to look for ways to make us laugh. He is quick to smile, and is such a cheerful, fun little boy. He is fairly mild mannered, and a good sleeper and eater. We love him so very much!


Reedy… Older… Hike… Rocks… Fishes

And again. Apparently this has been sitting in my draft folder for a LONG time. These pictures were from when 7/11 was having some sort of sale where any cup size was a good price. Can’t remember what it was though. Cheap.

As you can see, Ken took full advantage and grabbed the biggest tupperware container he could find. An ice cream container.


We then went for a hike up. Can’t really remember too many details. Sorry guys. I know, super interesting blog post.

Anyway, here are some pics!


005 (2)



^^^Abandoned train tunnel.

Three Years

Three years ago our world was rocked in the best possible way. He has kept us on our toes since day one (turning purple because he wasn’t breathing and getting rushed out of our hospital room), but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Kenny’s birthday is today even though he is sick with the flu 👎. That’s 2 out of 3 of his birthdays he has been sick… perks of having a winter birthday.

Even though he isn’t feeling 100%, he is loving the extra attention and has randomly been saying “wish me a Happy Birthday on Sunday!” (Ha because we have been telling him for weeks that “no his birthday wasn’t today but on a Sunday”.)

I made a birthday shirt for him and let him pick out the fabric at the fabric store. He went from cars, to dinosaurs, to pirates, but then he saw this M&M’s fabric, and he had to have it. Kid has got a sweet tooth, that’s for sure. I thought for sure he would change his mind once he saw the Mario fabric, but no. He wanted the “candy kind.”


And here’s his birthday cake. He chose Legos as the theme and helped decorate it.


Two days ago he told me he wanted to change his cake theme to a tree. I asked him what he meant thinking that I maybe misunderstood and he was saying “treat” rather than “tree”. But no. He wanted just a tree. After some probing (and maybe a little persuading) he went back to wanting a Lego cake. Phew.

And he specifically requested blue swirl cake, green frosting, blue writing, orange sprinkles, and pink candles. I just decided to go with it and not worry about the aesthetics.

And here Kenny is about to blow out the candles. He was quite concerned that we were going to be putting “real fire” on his cake instead of “special fire” like the fires we have in our backyard and in our fireplace. Not quite sure what he meant by that.


The Happy Birthday sign hanging on the wall behind him was made by Ken’s mom. She’s legit.

Anyway, we think you are great Kenny! You are smart, kind, fun, caring, and loving. You are so sweet and helpful with your younger brother, and Reed is lucky to have such an adoring older brother. He looks up to you and wants to be just like you. You are such a good example and try hard every day to do good. I love that you enjoy saying prayers and going to church. You are learning well to sit still and be reverent, and we couldn’t be prouder. We love you more than you will ever know!


Merry Christmas!


Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! We sure did around our parts.


We got some family pictures done in our holiday attire, and I love how they turned out. Reed’s face and hands are priceless!


A kind friend gave Kenny and Reed a toy called “GeoTracks”. I had never heard of it before. She warned me that there were a lot and kept asking if we had room for them. I kept assuring her we did… until I saw how many lol. Four garbages bags full of train tracks, buildings, and trains. My kids are spoiled by the niceness of others.

And I would be lying if I didn’t mention how much Ken and my brother Jake enjoys them, too. Every night for the last few days after the kids are asleep, Jake has added to the train city. It has been a lot of fun.


And Christmas day was unusually warm (70 degrees!), so it was hard for me to comprehend that it was actually Christmas. Yesterday was the first day this season that it was cold, so I broke out the moose hats. (And don’t judge that I own a crochet hat business and give my kids store-bought hats… stores seem to not just sell mittens, so in trying to buy mittens, I had to get hats, too.)

10 & 11 Months



^^^You can see the lion I was using to get him smile.

And our 11 month pictures. The sticker mysteriously disappeared, though.


^^^An honest after-church picture. One sock missing, no shoes, and ready for a nap.


^^^We got this bow tie/suspender set for his birthday (this month!), but I couldn’t wait, so he wore it today. :)

  • Loves to cock his head to the side and smile whenever a stranger acknowledges him.


^^^Like this.

  • Started crawling before the 10 month mark
  • Has started to throw himself on the ground if he doesn’t get what he wants
  • Is interested in climbing stairs. All. The. Time.
  • Has 5 teeth
  • Has mastered cruising along the couch now. Isn’t as interested in standing/walking as he used to be because he can now crawl fast.
  • Will crawl over to me with a book, put it on my lap, and wait for me to read it to him. (Melts my heart)


  • Likes to copy sounds others make. He likes to “scream” back and forth with Kenny. (In a non-upset way).
  • Enjoys growling.
  • Has a bad tendency to come up and bite you. Ouch! Hoping he grows out of this soon.
  • Loves to crawl under the crib skirt and hide. He waits for you to say, “Where’s Reed?” And then he will pop out and do it again and again. Kenny will often join in if he is around.



  • Has started “putting things back”, so he enjoys pulling out all the diapers from the basket, and then “putting them back”. He also enjoys lids


^^^As seen in this picture. Reed played with the lid of the corn starch and managed to get it open. Little one started it, but big one finished it.

Love this little fella and can’t believe he is almost 1!

Kenny vs. Reed

Time for a side-by-side comparison of the two. I should really do this more often. Especially since Reed is wearing the same clothes Kenny wore at the same age.

Kenny Vs. Reed

Kenny on left, Reed on right

Everyone tells me that they look identical and could be twins. It’s probably just because I’m their mother, but I can typically only see the differences (in physical appearance, personality, and mannerisms).

We have been blessed with 2 very happy boys, and we wouldn’t change them for anything.

Life. Is. Good.