5 Months

IMG_20150705_1602428_rewind (2)

^^^He’s saying, “What?! I’m 5 months? Get outta here!”

Don’t worry Reed. I’m the same way. I can’t believe it.

  • Baby boy can now roll from his back to his front, which he loves to do. He really enjoys being on his tummy and prefers to do this instead of being on his back. Much to my dismay, this is how he prefers to sleep. Sigh. At least I try putting him on his back in his crib.
  • He can scoot forward as well. (Baby proofing the house has now gotten real.)
  • Wakes up one time at night, but really it’s not that bad. He is usually back down again quickly (unlike his brother where it would take 40-60 minutes to get back down).
  • And last but definitely not least, he will put himself to sleep for naps now! Best news ever! He takes 3 naps a day, which are usually between 30-45ish minutes each. I feel like I am slowly able to get things done during the day again.

IMG_20150705_1602443_rewind (3) IMG_20150705_1603113_rewind (2) Reed

IMG_20150704_1557276_rewind (2)

^^^I love this picture of him! And yep, this is how you will always find him if he is on the ground. Loves being on his tummy.IMG_4554 IMG_4482

And to close out the post, here’s pics of the babe sleeping. Love me some sleepin baby. I talk like a southerner now. No not really, but Ken will talk Southern sometimes without realizing it! He is around so many heavy southern accents at work that sometimes he will come home and have the drawl still.

I still get caught off guard when people say the month July. They say it like: Joo-lie. Heavy on the vowels.

Anyway, happy Sunday!