Kenny Update

I realized that I forgot one of Kenny’s sabotage tactics that happened a couple of weeks ago (Future Kenny: and I wasn’t going to document it for future embarrassing stories, but I just underwent an epic 2 hour battle with you today over sleep. You can thank your 3-year-old self when I tell this at your wedding).

Typically during lunch time, I fix the kids’ food, and then make mine while they’re eating theirs. By the time they finish, I usually have just sat down to eat. So typically they go upstairs to the play room and play. Then they come downstairs, and we do nap time. One day after nap time, we went upstairs and found this-


As you can see, Kenny hit the heat button, so it got up to 98 degrees upstairs. (This was after I changed the “system” back to cool.)

Thankfully, this happened the day in between the appraisal and the inspection and not on the day that either of those happened. Phew.

Again, sure felt like sabotage.


10 & 11 Months



^^^You can see the lion I was using to get him smile.

And our 11 month pictures. The sticker mysteriously disappeared, though.


^^^An honest after-church picture. One sock missing, no shoes, and ready for a nap.


^^^We got this bow tie/suspender set for his birthday (this month!), but I couldn’t wait, so he wore it today. :)

  • Loves to cock his head to the side and smile whenever a stranger acknowledges him.


^^^Like this.

  • Started crawling before the 10 month mark
  • Has started to throw himself on the ground if he doesn’t get what he wants
  • Is interested in climbing stairs. All. The. Time.
  • Has 5 teeth
  • Has mastered cruising along the couch now. Isn’t as interested in standing/walking as he used to be because he can now crawl fast.
  • Will crawl over to me with a book, put it on my lap, and wait for me to read it to him. (Melts my heart)


  • Likes to copy sounds others make. He likes to “scream” back and forth with Kenny. (In a non-upset way).
  • Enjoys growling.
  • Has a bad tendency to come up and bite you. Ouch! Hoping he grows out of this soon.
  • Loves to crawl under the crib skirt and hide. He waits for you to say, “Where’s Reed?” And then he will pop out and do it again and again. Kenny will often join in if he is around.



  • Has started “putting things back”, so he enjoys pulling out all the diapers from the basket, and then “putting them back”. He also enjoys lids


^^^As seen in this picture. Reed played with the lid of the corn starch and managed to get it open. Little one started it, but big one finished it.

Love this little fella and can’t believe he is almost 1!

7 Months




^^^And we can’t forget about Kenny turning 9 months too, right? ;)

  • Reed can sit up on his own now.
  • He cut his first tooth about 4 weeks ago. It was his canine on his right side. Just today I noticed that he also has his two front bottom teeth as well. Poor little guy.
  • Because of that, he frequently gets up twice a night. (insert sleepy face emoji here)
  • Now realizes when strangers hold him and/or look at him. My British friend came over the other day, and she kept on trying to talk to him, and every time she did, he would cry. Silly boy.
  • Likes to “chase” Kenny by scooting after him quickly. Sometimes big brother is nice and goes slow so that Reed can catch him.


  • Loves his Uncle Jake (who is now living with us for the time being)


  • Gets so super excited when we give him his medicine. He flaps his arms and kicks his legs immediately once he realizes it is medicine time.
  • Loves pears, apples, bananas, sweet potatoes, prunes, and tolerates squash. Does not like peas. At all. He gags and makes terribly funny faces.
  • Sat up in a cart for the first time a few weeks ago.


  • Sat in a sit up swing for the first time (yes, I couldn’t believe he hadn’t either)


We love him so much!

Growth Spurt

So it looks like someone has been eating vegetables lately. I measured Kenny 2 days ago, and he has grown 1.5 inches in 3 months! Is that crazy or what? So all of those toddler tantrums I’m going to write off as growing pains… right? The terrible won’t morph into the terrible threes, right? Right?!

Funny side story that I can laugh at now since it has been a week-

At church last week we were sitting in the front section (soft seats!) In the middle (aka maximum visibility). Reed was sleeping in his carseat and everything was dandy. During the Sacrament, the time to be extra quiet and reverent, Kenny starts having a moment. I can’t even remember what it was about. Probably fruit snacks. Anyway, Ken picks him up to take him out, and Kenny starts kicking his legs as Ken lifts him up and over me, which ends up with me getting kicked in the face with Kenny’s big church shoes.  Ken then bumps the carseat as he is trying to take out a thrashing toddler, which wakes up. Reed starts crying (mind you, everything is fairly quiet besides my 2 screaming kids) so I grab the diaper bag to take Reed outside. As I grab my too big diaper bag, I knock the church hymnal shelf off of the back of the pew in front of me. Crash went the hymnals and wood shelf onto the ground upsetting Reed more. I frantically try to shove the shelf back into place, but the thing would not go on! Finally it snaps into place, and I made it out alive. Barely. ;)

So cheers for embarrassing church moments and growing toddlers! Happy Monday!

Hello 7 hours!

Phew… It’s been a whirlwind around here lately. Moving, newborn, owning a house, Ken’s new job. And ken just got a new calling too. (Something we joked about trying to do since we have so many new big things going on.) 

I’m hoping to get back into a rythym of posting on here regularly. (One can hope.)

Anyway, point of post. 

Reed went 8 hours between feeding a last night aka sleep for me!!! Glorious glorious sleep! It felt great. (Even though I did wake up once or twice in the night because my body is so used to waking up.)

So here are some cute pictures of the little bug:




I never understood people’s obsession with wanting to pinch cheeks, but I get it now. I mean, look a his cheeks! I could kiss them all day. 

Love this little fella.

Never Forget

13 years ago today, I was sitting in my 6th grade math class in my usual seat working on a worksheet. I remember that around 9:30 an administrator came over the intercom and said we would be going on lock-down. I didn’t think much of it. We had lock-down drills frequently. A little while later (20 min?) the intercom came on again and said the lock-down would remain for the rest of the day. I thought that was a little different. I knew that lock-downs were to keep “bad guys” out, and I remember wondering if the lock-down was real. I was too young to really understand the whole purpose and significance of lock-downs, though.

My parents made the choice that they would do their best shielding me and my siblings from all the bad in the world. They tried not to watch the news around us, and they never discussed world events in front of us. I am grateful for that innocence they helped me maintain in such a (sometimes) scary world.

Because of this, I was very naive to what actually was happening on 9/11/2001.

I was 11 years old. The elementary school chose not to let the students know what was happening. We went on with our school day as normal. I don’t remember the teachers doing or acting differently than normal. (Again, thinking back on this, I am grateful for my wonderful elementary school teachers. They were all so kind, caring, and understanding. The next day we all talked in depth about what happened, and they tried to help us all sort out our feelings. They sincerely cared.)

At the end of the day, our teacher handed us a paper and told us to give it to our parents. It explained that we were not told about the attacks. I didn’t look at the paper but just put it in my backpack and ran outside with my two friends, Chelsea and Eli, to walk home like we usually did.

Surprisingly, both Chelsea and Eli’s moms was there. Eli’s mom asked if we wanted a ride home and we said no. Chelsea’s mom walked home with us. She explained that everyone was off work because there was a “terrorist attack”. I had no idea what a terrorist was. It was explained to me that these terrorists were from another country and they attacked two large buildings in our country and many people died.

I was so young that I thought terrorists were tourists. The words sounded so similar and it was explained to me that the terrorists were “from different countries”, so that is what I concluded. They were tourists.

I remember being scared and unsure. I remember thinking thousands and thousands of people were killed. I remember everyone saying that the passengers on the fourth airplane were heroes. I remember being extremely grateful for the people who were working so hard for our safety in America. I remember being proud I was an American.

I still have those feelings today. I am proud to be an American. I am grateful for all the men and women who sacrificed so much on that day 13 years ago, and those who do so everyday.

I want my children to know the account of that tragedy from a young 11-year-old girl. I was young enough that I did not understand it all, but I was still old enough to be grateful for all those who sacrificed their lives. I was still old enough to understand that America would fight back. I was still old enough to to be proud of my country.



I will never forget.

Monsters of Destruction

So this last weekend, me and my man went on a date night without the little man. We went and saw Monsters of Destruction, which was basically a monster truck/demolition derby show. Kind of ironic we went and saw trucks without the little guy when he loves trucks so much. We showed him some videos/pictures the next day, and he loved it. He kept asking to see it over and over. (and over and over!)

While waiting for the show to start, they did bus rides for anyone around the track. When I was watching this, I thought the bus was flying around the track, but I had no idea what was in store. Cars went so much faster.


There were tons of funny/hilarious “stunts” they tried to do. One of the first ones was that they stacked cars like so, and then they had a fence in front of the first car and smashed into it and created a car domino effect. I wish I had gotten an after picture. Cars were destroyed and flipped in the oddest angles.


And southerners are already pumped and excited for football, so they figured out how to make a a game of football with cars. They used the car pictured below as the football. There were two teams of 4 cars with end zones and everything. No one ended up winning, but a car caught on fire, so that’s close enough, right?



^^^Here’s a pic of the mayhem as it was happening. Basically just turned into a demolition derby.20140805-085517-32117355.jpg

^^^There’s the “football”


^^^And here’s the after pic.


^^^Here’s the car that caught on fire. It took the emergency team a good 2-3 minutes before they realized there was a fire. They were just chilling in the middle completely unaware with the announcer repeatedly saying there was a fire and the crowd roaring. 

Another fun race was the “skid” race. They took the back wheels off of the cars, and put them on “sleds”. They turned off the stadium lights so that we could see the sparks, and it turned out really cool. The pictures don’t do it justice.


There were also 3 monster trucks. So huge and loud! I can’t believe how much air these machines can get!


I think my favorite race (which I didn’t get a picture of) was the “Gauntlet” race. They had two vans that were racing each other trying to get around the track 8 times. Then there were 4 cars behind the vans trying to prevent either of them from making it around the track. One of the vans was an ice cream van, so it had a huge cooler system on top. Each time one of the cars tried to spin the ice cream van out, it would teeter back and forth like it was going to flip over. At one point, it did actually flip over. It fell on the driver’s side, which is a safety concern because the driver could get seriously hurt. They stopped the race, and everyone waited to see if the driver was okay. The crowd was waiting, everyone holding their breath, concerned that he might be hurt because he wasn’t getting out of the van. All of a sudden, he popped out of the back of the van! With ice cream cones for everyone! No, that didn’t happen, but he did pop out the back in a grand flourish and it was really comical because in true southern redneck style, he was wearing cowboy boots, his pants were falling off, and he had to repeatedly keep pulling them up.

Overall, it was a fun night! It started out a little rocky because the tickets could not be found, we were running late, and Kenny was freaking out because he knew we were leaving, but everything worked out and it was a blast! I love continually dating this man.20140805-085457-32097660.jpg