Two Months

Baby girl is two months, and she is a dream baby.

  • Loves to coo and “talk”. Still not sure if a laugh has snuck out or if it is still a coo.

  • Loves to look at mine, Ken’s, and sometimes Kenny’s face. I think she almost always fusses when Reed comes near her… For valid reasons. (Knee to the face, stuck a popsicle stick down to the back of her throat, “helps” her swing extra fast in her swing, etc.) 🤦

The look she gives me every time Reed comes near. “Help!”

    • Eats and sleeps really well. Putting her down for bed at night has been easier. I used to sit and rock her into a deep sleep so she wouldn’t wake up when I put her down. Now, I rock her enough so she is drowsy/kinda asleep, and set her down and she just kind of grunts and huffs for a bit and then falls asleep. (Most of the time at least.)
    • Loves to be held upright. Don’t you dare think about cradling her in your arms. Instant crying.
    • Loves to be swaddled. Like really loves. If she is fussing and crying, it is usually because she is ready for her nap. I wrap her up, and she usually stops crying right away.
    • Has quite the hair situation. It goes from fuzz, to a few strands of random super long hair on the top of her head, to bald spot, to 1.5 inch long hair ring around the nape of her neck. Girlfriend has quite an array for a grand hair adventure on her head. She has her bases covered for all hair occasions.
    • Ken now wears Addie in the Moby as well. Has been nice for my back because baby girl is getting big.

    • Her hair and eyebrows have lightened up so they aren’t as dark. Hard to say what her hair color will be because Reed’s was similarly dark but then he turned blonde. Who knows? 🤷
    • Gives the cutest side smiles. Right when she is about to give you a big grin, her mouth goes into a side smile pucker, and it is so cute.

    • Got a new swing that rocks her from side to side and it has been a game changer. Wish I had this when all of my kids were babies. (Saying that makes me feel old…)

    • Has enjoyed being dressed up for church… Or at least I have enjoyed dressing her up.

    Mid-shoe being kicked off. Skills.

    • Loves to go to craft stores with me when the boys are at preschool.
    • Does not enjoy tummy time at all. At all at all. It is actually something her doctor wants her to work on… Which is easier said then done. She screams so hard and just won’t lift her head.

    We love you baby girl!!


    Addie in Her Nursery

    Last night Addie slept in her nursery for the first time! I’ll admit that I crept in on her a few times to make sure she was ok.

    The last five or so days she has been waking up for a feeding in the middle of the night at around 4 am or so. It is sort of unfortunate timing because I am not able to get her back asleep until 5:30ish, and then Ken’s alarm goes off at 6, so sometimes my days get started at 4 am because I can’t get to sleep fast enough before I hear Ken’s alarm. Honestly though, getting up only once at 4 am is great with a little baby, so I’ll take it. She spoils me.

    Anyway, I tell you all of this because she slept all the way through the night last night! What a nice introduction to the nursery!

    Being in her room for hours a day while I feed her, I am dreaming up all sorts of ideas for how I want to decorate her room… I just need to find time to do it. One day!

    Adelaide in Her Own Room

    Adelaide slept in her own room for the first time two nights ago! In the past 6 days, she has slept through the night for 5 of the nights (10:00ish-7:00 am)! I know her sleeping through the night will probably not continue to last, but I will take it for now!

    She slept in the guest bedroom instead of her bedroom because (a) the guest bedroom is right next to ours, so I felt better about her being closer and (b) her room gets freezing, and the temperature outside last night got down to 24 degrees, so we didn’t want her to get too cold.

    For some reason, her room and the boys’ room both get so so so cold/hot. We put a space heater in the boys’ room to try to help them out during the winter, but this is something we are probably going to have to figure out. Maybe windows leaking? Idk.

    Look at those cheeks! She is definitely my best sleeper/eater.

    6 Weeks

    • She can somewhat control her head now, and the boys are so proud of her. Instead of her head just flopping to one side when I lay her in her bassinet to sleep, so can somewhat lay looking straight up if she wants. Also, she can barely lift her head for tummy time.

    Lots of little helpers

    I love how determined she looks. Also, this is the highest she has ever lifted her head. Yay, baby girl!

    • She only wakes once at night. Usually somewhere between 2-4 am. She then takes 40-50 minutes to eat and then 30-60 after she finishes to be rocked back to sleep. (She is a stinker when it comes to getting her to go back to sleep at night.)
    • Loves to be held, but likes to be “in the action”. The other day she was fussing, so I picked her up and set her down next to me in the boys’ bedroom. I fully expected to have to pick her back up in a few minutes, but she loved all the noise and commotion the boys we’re making playing Legos.
    • Travels well in the car. Always goes right to sleep.
    • My friend did some newborn pictures of her. We have only gotten a handful back, but here is one of them.

    • Likes to be put in the Moby carrier, but doesn’t like her head trapped in.
    • Currently has a cold (second one in her short life!), and it is so sad and pathetic to see. We are currently going through Ken and Kenny having type A flu, so I will take the cold over the flu.
    • Seems as if her very dark hair is lightening up a bit. Her eyebrows are lighter and her hair (that she still has) isn’t dark, dark, dark anymore. Still brown, though.

    Can’t remember life without this sweet one, and wouldn’t have it any other way! She was part of my dream the other day, so that must mean she is really part of our family, right? My subconscious acknowledges her.

    Two Weeks

    Baby girl is 2 weeks! She is growing well, and is very patient with our crazy family.

    One thing to note about our Addie- her umbilical cord stump got stuck on my shirt at one week (scared me to death when i found it. I thought it was a cicada!) and so her belly button area was bleeding a lot. We had to take her in two extra times (so three times total) to have them burn the opening with acid to shut it. It was super sad to see, and I hated it.

    On a happier note, we love this cute little munchkin!

    For Real 18 Month Update

    Okay, here’s the for real post for Reed.

    What a little sweetie. He is so mellow and easy-going. He makes putting a toddler to sleep dreamy. When I put him to bed at night, he snuggles up to me and cuddles. When I put him in his crib after books and songs, he turns over to his tummy, sticks his little tush in the air, and waits for me to put his blanket on him. I then tell him I love him, and most of the time he goes right to sleep. No crying, talking, or playing. When he gets up in the morning, he gently starts talking. Again, usually doesn’t cry. Complete content boy to just sit and entertain himself.

    Also, he is blonde blonde. Like platinum blonde. With little curls above his ears and the back of his head. I have so many people random people stop and comment to me how blonde he is. It definitely wasn’t blonde when he was a baby, but it has really lightened up. I think it is adorable.

    Things he is loving lately:

    • Cheese.Don’t even say the word unless you are willing to give him 10 slices
    • Trucks, trains, cars. He loves them all. he recently discovered the trains we have, and he loves to play with them for hours at a time.
    • To do anything Kenny does. He loves to imitate and copy whatever Kenny does and it is (usually) adorable.
    • Books. Especially any with cats or dogs
    • Milk or water. He calls his sippy cup his “ba ba”
    • His blanky. He loves to pull it to his face and say “sah sah” aka soft
    • When daddy gets home from work. He goes running and says “Dada!”
    • To make sure all things are shut. If you leave the ketchup/syrup lid open he will say “shu shu shu” over and over until you shut the lid.
    • To get his shoes so he can go outside. “sho sho sho!” aka shoes
    • Pushing his ride-on cars around outside. He loves to play race with Kenny and yell “GO!!!!”

    Things he does not like:

    • Television
    • Coloring
    • When Kenny watches TV (aka stops paying attention to him)
    • Being put into the car

    Getting their Summer Reading medals. Reed was thrilled. ;)



    Standing in Daddy’s Boots


    Lunch time with the big bro


    Kisses for Mama


    I have the same picture of Kenny looking at this picture, too


    Hanging with family


    Chillin on his chair outside


    Spying on construction trucks


    Mother’s Day 2016


    You can kinda see his wispy blonde curls


    Playing at the splash pad


    Playing in the sprinklers in the backyard


    Eating (or smearing on his face) chocolate pudding

    We love this little boy and the joy he brings to our lives.

    Nanny and Papa Visit

    A few weeks ago Nanny and Papa (my parents) visited. It was such a treat! Kenny asks all the time now when Nanny and Papa are going to come back… and I have to agree. When are you? ;)

    For a Christmas present, I took my mom horse back riding. She mentioned to me one time that she really missed riding horses (bc she grew up on a farm), and so we took the boys out while she was down here to introduce them to horses!


    My mom is such a pro. The owner was trying to get a feel for how well she could ride horses, and after a few minutes he turned to me and said that my mom was great. I have to agree.


    The boys also loved being on the horse. (Especially Kenny after he overcame his initial nervousness.)

    We also celebrated the boys’ birthdays by going to Chuck-E-Cheese because Kenny is LOVING coin machines, so we thought he would really love going there. (And we were right!) He loves to do his chores (sort the clean silverware) to save money to go get candy from the machines. He gets 3 pennies each time he sorts the silverware and 1 penny for his tithing.

    Anyway, Chuck-E-Cheese:

    (Sorry I don’t have many pictures of Kenny because I stayed with Reed for a lot of it)



    ^^^Can you guess that he loved being able to climb the stairs as much as he wanted?


    ^^^Staring at all the games and a bit overwhelmed by all the noise.


    ^^^And here’s some of the things the boys got for all of their hard work. ;)

    We loved having Nanny and Papa down here with us. Come back soon!