The Time Kenneth Pretended to Save My Life

Once upon a time, at 2:30 am last night, someone grabbed my arm really tight. Of course, I woke up, and Kenneth was holding my arm, and then he started pulling my arm hard. I asked him what he was doing, and he said “Is that better?” And I said “yeah” even though I had no idea what he was talking about.

When we woke up in the morning, I asked him if he remembered what happened last night. He said,  “Yeah, I was pulling on your arm. You were falling off the bed, and I grabbed you.”

I told him that I wasn’t falling off the bed, and he asked if I was close to the side, to which I said no. I wasn’t even close. I was perfectly fine, until I was rudely woken up by his sleep . . . talking.


One Year Anniversary

Posting about a one year anniversary a month late . . . I would never do that. :)

Well, we talked some pretty awesome people into taking pictures for us since it has been a whole year since we were married. (thanks Stacy and Danielle!) So here are some of our favorites:

Let me tell ya, we are pros when it comes up with ways to pose . . . not. We were really struggling. Good thing Stace and Danielle were there. They came up with some gems. Like this one-

“Kenneth, move your leg out more.” “Bend your knee.” “Now point your toe.” “PERFECT. Don’t move!”

And then you have to check these photos below out. I wanted to try to put it into a slideshow, but I couldn’t figure that one out, so just scroll down fast enough that it looks like a slideshow. Deal? Okay, go!

I like this series of photos, even though they are super cheesy and blurry, for that last photo. It looks like I am flying, and I like how Kenneth turned to look at the camera.

In the below picture, Danielle was trying to make us laugh. So she told us a story about how she faxed an invoice for $400,000 to someone . It really got us laughing.

When we got to the spot to take pictures, Kenneth looked at my shirt, and said I like that shirt. I said, yeah I was trying to find a blue one. He asked why, and I told him so that we could match. He looked down and said, “Oh yeah! We do match!” One day, one day . . .


So before school started, I did a few more crafts that I just never posted on here.

I turned my two sizes too big bell-bottom khakis into something I can wear! This pair of khakis do not have belt loops for some strange reason. To fix it, I just sewed some elastic on the back, and now they fit great. To fix the ha-uge pant legs, I just took in the legs a bit. I found a pair of jeans that I like, lined it up against the khakis, made some marks, and then sewed on the inside of the leg (so that my poor sewing wasn’t too obvious). And . . .


I also have displayed “you” on a black plaque now for a year. It came from our “thank you” sign we had for our wedding. Well, I finally got around to putting a quote on it that I like.

Since the wood sign was already painted black, all I had to do was print the quote on a colored piece of paper, cut it, and Mod Podge it onto the plaque. I applied a good amount to the back of the piece of paper, and then applied some onto the front as well. Tip: When you apply Mod Podge onto the front, make sure you do it in even, smooth strokes. And do not let your fingers touch it until it is completely dry . . . did that once or twice.

The Destruction

So over Thanksgiving break we found a lot of fun stuff in Kenneth’s old room. We found some tec-dec stuff that we gave to our neighbors, those awesome orange slippers I have been wearing, Pokemon cards, his old Playstation (have you ever played worms? it’s a way old, retro game, but it is so fun!) and Crazy Bones.

Did you ever play with Crazy Bones? I never did, and Ken thinks I’m crazy (haha) because of it. Ken was so happy to find his crazy bones that he brought his favorite back, and it’s now sitting on one of our shelves in our living room. Yipee.

Anyway, we also found an old airsoft gun . . .

Remember our dear gingerbread house and mistletoe? Well, Kenneth was bored one day, so he decided to spice up our decorations.

“Why did you put a green ornament on the door of your gingerbread house?” Well, that is an airsoft pellet. Kenneth shot our front door, and our cute little mistletoe. Our already tiny mistletoe is now even smaller due to some of the red “berries” being blasted off.

Maybe I’ll shoot his favorite crazy bone next. :)

Marli Ann Dorsey

So haven’t mentioned this yet, but the holidays were great for us this year! We really enjoyed ourselves. We did a lot of traveling, but we loved it all!

The week before Christmas, we were planning on just working a lot. We didn’t realize that campus was actually closed on Christmas Eve Eve, so the last minute we decided to go up to Rexburg to visit my sister’s family. Gosh, that little girl, Marli, she is stinkin’ cute! Want proof?

K, here it is:


Sorry for the blurriness. For some reason we decided to take the pictures on our video camera. Not sure why we didn’t take the pictures on a regular camera, though. Probably because Katie Cutler gave us the video camera, and she is just that rad.

Marli’s shirt says, “All my mom wants for Christmas is a silent night.”

This one is a keeper for sure. When these pictures were taken she was three weeks old. Gah, I love her.

The First Day of School

Well, welcome back to the lives of two college students!

After being out of school for 8 months because of summer break and my internship, I am excited to go back to school, and today is our first day back at BYU! I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t a little nervous (how do you take tests again?), but I am excited to formally be learning again.

I forced Kenneth into taking first day of school pictures. Here are the results:

For Christmas my brother gave me an angry birds hat. That is what Kenneth is wearing the picture above.

Well, hopefully I still know how to read.