Spring Break!

So I just realized that we’ve only written two posts in March . . . oops. We’ve just been a bit busy, let’s be honest, lazy. My excuse every single time is that we don’t have internet, so I am not able to write blog posts. In reality, I don’t actually think this, but I tell Kenneth this in hopes that he will agree to getting internet at our apartment. We’re still working on that. (Tips for persuasive techniques are now being accepted. I’ve already tried, “You are hindering me from doing family history work.” For some reason that one didn’t work either.)

So this post does not have a real purpose besides the fact that I am postponing studying for a test feeling guilty for not writing on here lately.

Some things that have been happening in our lives lately:

1.”General Conference weekend is BYU’s spring break.” I saw this on Facebook today, and it is so true! BYU doesn’t have a spring break (and in turn we get out for summer earlier), but our professors are a little “easier” on us during conference week. I have got to say, I love conference. It is funny how much my perspective of conference has changed since I was a kid. I use to hate having to listen for so long, but I am the complete opposite now. It’s so nice to hear from such great inspired men and women.

2. I have been reading a lot of books lately. (Can you say no social life?) I just finished Michael Vey: Prisoner of Cell 25. I really liked it. Let’s just say that I did not get much homework done that weekend because I couldn’t put the book down.

3. Kenneth is getting all geared up to go to Peru in a few weeks. He is way excited. I’d be lying if I said I was. He’ll be gone for 2 weeks, people.

4. Kenneth and I registered for our classes next fall. We are taking a bowling class and a social dance class together. If you couldn’t guess, Kenneth is doing the social dance class for me. He said, “this scores me some big points for a very very long time.”

Well, until next time that I am studying for a test (or we get internet). :)



So remember this post from last year?

Well ladies and gentlemen, we have been trying to do it again this year. Kenneth decided to give up chocolate. (Gasp! I know! I would never!) It’s been pretty good for me, though. I’ve been able to eat all of his chocolate. You should have seen our chocolate chip cookies. We made half raisin and half chocolate chip. The raisin cookies got finished super fast, so Kenneth moved on to the chocolate chip cookies and left the chocolate chips for me. Double score for me! :)

I decided to give up complaining. It’s been interesting to try to give something like complaining. Since I’ve started to try to do lent, I’ve given up Facebook and treats (did that for a few years), so I’ve never tried something that wasn’t physical. I know that lent is supposed to be something that you really enjoy so that you can  sacrifice it, and no I do not enjoy complaining, but my whole purpose of lent is to try to focus on something that will make me a better person. I figured complaining would be something great for me to work on.

It has been kind of challenging especially in a school setting. This has really helped me realize how much I do complain. When professors spring projects on us, it is so easy to start speaking negatively, but does that really help? Does it get the project done faster? Nope. It’s been really good for me to take the time and focus on this weakness of mine.


Thanks to Rachel’s frequent pleadings, I’m finally writing this post…two and a half months after the fact. I’m not the best about writing blog posts, in case you couldn’t tell. Anyway, I have an internship offer with IM Flash Technologies in Lehi, UT!!

The internship will start the 21st of May and will go about half way through August. IM Flash is a joint venture company between Intel and Micron that manufactures Nand flash (semi-conductors). The semi-conductor wafers that they manufacture are used in lots of things like thumb drives, iPod/iPads, and SSD drives. I don’t know exactly what I’ll be doing for the 12 weeks, but I know that I’ll be working with the Wet Etch process department. There are hundreds of processes involved in the manufacturing of semi-conductor wafers. A typical production time from Silicon wafer to finished product is a few weeks. If you’re actually interested in wet etch processes I recommend this Wikipedia article.

I’m very grateful for the BYU career fair that made it possible for me to meet HR reps and engineers from IM Flash, the interview that I had back in November, and the internship offer I received in December.

Rachel and I are really excited to be staying in Utah for the summer for a number of reasons. Mainly so that we don’t have to pack up all our junk and move somewhere for 3 months, but also to enjoy family close by, the great ward we’re a part of now, so Rachel can take some classes during spring term and keep her job, and to enjoy the many outdoor adventures that Utah has to offer. We plan on going camping once or twice a month, so if anyone wants to join us just let us know!