So the other day I was looking through our wedding photos, and I came across this picture so I decided to take it upon myself to share my opinion about trains on the back of wedding dresses. You can thank me later.

You know what I believe is the real purpose of trains? To let the husband look adorably cute when he picks it up to help his new wife. So cute when that happens. As you can see, I picked a good one because Ken did that for me.

And now because I am in a giving mood, I’ll give you this gem. Pretty embarrassing actually. Not quite sure why I’m sharing this-


This is when I gracefully tripped down the stairs after I had only been married for 10 minutes. So glad that I made a fool of myself when we were the center of attention. Love when I do that. I’m sure Ken thought, “Boy, I was hoping this clumsiness would stop once I said ‘I do'”.

Nope, you’re stuck for a lifetime (and more), bud. :)


Sleeping on the Couch

If anyone found out how often Ken sleeps on the couch, they would seriously think that our relationship was struggling. Not the case, though. He sleep walks out to the couch all the time. 

Last night he sat up suddenly, jumped out of bed, and pounded his fist on the bed. He then said, “That is nasty!!” And then he ran out of the room. If we were super super newlyweds, I probably would have gone out after him and made sure he was okay. Now knowing that he sleep walks all the time, the lazy part of me doesn’t care enough to get up. (Also, a part of me is hoping that he will go out and eat in the middle of the night.Come on Georgia Mud Fudge Blizzard! Update on lent to come soon.)

Surprisingly, Ken remembered doing this the next day. He said that he thought that the mattress was filled with yellow maggots, and he claims that he told me to get out of the room. (I didn’t hear him say it, but he mumbles really bad when he’s sleep talking.)

And just so you know, Ken says our couch is really comfortable, so come visit us in South Carolina when we move there! :)


What’s with the title of this post? 3.521? What’s that?

Well, that is my son. It’s what we call him at the house. Just kidding, we definitely don’t do that. So to understand, I need to tell you some family history. (“Family history I am doing it my family history. And the reason why I am doing it” . . . okay enough.)

So my grandfather was born in 1906. Not a typo. He grew up, got married, and had kids. Unfortunately, his wife died. He got married again, had kids, and she passed away as well. Then he got married to my grandma, had kids (my mom), and my grandma passed away, too. One last time, he got married, they did not have kids, and then he passed away. He died just a couple of months before I was born, and my grandma died when my mom was 14.

Anyway, the point of the story is not to be sad, but to explain why I have such a big extended family. Since my grandfather married 4 times, there are 26 kids total. I am the 106th grandchild, and there are over 500 descendents now. So to try to keep track of everyone, we have a family directory. And to be organized, we each have numbers. So my number is 3.52 because my grandmother is the 3rd wife, my mom is the 5th child from my grandma, and I am the 2nd child from my mom aka 3.52.

And that is how my child is 3.521.

P.S. The whole numbers thing is actually a huge joke in my family now. The numbers are real, and we always say our numbers, but they aren’t seriously used. Just weird and funny.

Conquer the Killer!

Last night Ken sat up (sleep talking, of course) and started whisper/mumbling to the wall. He was very animated. He was doing all these hand gestures and shaking his head very emphatically. He looked like Kramer from Seinfeld. He then said sternly, “We need to conquer the killer!” with appropriate hand gestures. He then laid back down, rolled over, waved at me, and went back to sleep.

Seriously, someone needs to get me popcorn for these 3 AM entertainment shows.

One Month

My little guy is a month old today. Sigh. Has it been that long already? He’s getting so big!

One Month Old

As of lately:

  • 90% of the time he will not take his pacifier.
  • He is not a snuggler. He has to be dead asleep to snuggle with me. Though, when he does, his arms fall out and across me, and it sort of feels like a hug. I always pretend that it is.
  • He gave me his first accidental kiss the other day. (When I was burping him, he reared his head back and then tried to suck my face.)
  • Speaking of rearing back, this kid loves to lift his head up. Honestly, I wish I could get a good video/picture of it. His record is 2 minutes.
  • Also, little guy has lost the majority of his hair. We got a little baldy.

So much fun, this one.

The Day My Baby Was Compared to Owning Stock

So the other day Ken stayed home with Kenny for the longest stretch he’s ever done. I was a bit nervous, not because I didn’t trust Ken, but because I had milk for Ken to feed Kenny, but I was worried about whether it would be enough or not.

When I walked in the door, this is what I saw-


I asked Ken why Kenny was just in his sleep sack and didn’t have any clothes on.


He said because Kenny peed all over his clothes. I asked him why he didn’t put more clothes on him, and he said because I am so much better at it than him. Yeah right. :)

Also, now Ken claims that he is responsible for 1% of Baby Kenny’s weight gain since he fed him the bottle. He said it was like  owning stock.

And that’s how my baby was compared to an asset.